Extendable three-seater sofa bed with linen box, length 2100 mm, extended dim. 1400×1900 mm
Curtains and curtains above the entrance door 
Partially transparent curtains cover entire glass walls in all rooms and descend above the door to the floor
Dining table
Dim. 1400×600×750 mm.
Chairs for dining table
Four chairs with backs


Queen size double bed 
Double bed dim.1600×2000 mm (Iluminata L – 1800×2000 mm)
Mattress pad 
Wooden floor made of transverse slats made of plywood with a thickness of 25 mm
Spring mattress with memory foam. 1600×2000 / 1800 × 2000 mm (Bonelli spring core), height 220 mm
LEDERLUX mattress 
Spring mattress with memory foam. 1600×2000 / 1800 × 2000 mm (Bonelli spring core), height 220 mm
Blanket and bed linen
Blanket for double bed 2200×2400 mm, bed linen set
Pillow dimensions 50×70 cm, 2 pieces
Other beds for 2 persons 
Single bed dim. 900×2000 mm 2 pcs
Mattress 900 × 2000 mm, 2 pcs, (Bonelli spring core), height 220 mm
LEDERLUX mattress 
Mattress 900 × 2000 mm, 2 pcs, (Bonelli spring core), height 300 mm
Blanket and bed linen
Bed cover 1300×2400 mm, 2 pieces, bed linen 2 sets
Pillow dimensions 50×70 cm, 2 pieces
Wall furniture in bedrooms
Two connected wardrobes, the first is 940 mm wide x 380 mm deep with shelves, the second is 840 mm wide x 630 mm deep, combined hanging and shelves, joint height 2200 mm
On the wardrobe door in the master bedroom approx. 1800×2200 mm, on the wardrobe door in the second room approx. 580×2200 mm


Lighting inside the house
In the living room, six built-in fixtures with replaceable 4W 3000K led bulbs.
Above the table, a hanging lamp with an 8w.3000K led bulb.
LED strip lighting 19W 3000K is placed under the kitchen elements along the entire length.
There is an LED wall lamp on the wall above the corner sofa.
In the bedroom, there is a round built-in/built-in led panel of 25W, 3000K on the ceiling.
Four built-in fixtures with replaceable 4W led bulbs.
On the wall of the room there is a wall-mounted ceiling lamp with a replaceable 5W LED bulb that can be switched on/off alternately on both sides of the head of the bed and on the switch at the entrance to the room. The children’s room has the same lighting arrangement.
In the bathrooms, there are two built-in fixtures with LED bulbs 6W 3000K.
An overhead light with a 6W 3000K LED bulb is located on the ceiling above.
LED strip lighting 3000K in Al. Profile with a milky mask.


Table with 6 chairs                         


Freestanding (built-in) refrigerator with freezer, energy class A+, dim. 540x1445x545 mm
Cooking plate 
Built-in hob, 4 electric circuits with ceramic glass
Cooking plate – INDUCTION
Built-in hob, 4 electric circuits with ceramic glass
Built-in stainless steel single-bowl sink drainer Dim.780×435 mm
Granite sink
Built-in single trough sink drainer Dim. 780×435 mm
Built-in oven. Dim.590x594x560 mm
Dishwasher, built-in, 45 cm wide
The place for the microwave is an open shelf – an element above the refrigerator
Kitchen fittings (faucet / mixer)
Sink faucet, 5-year warranty.
Kitchen fittings (faucet / mixer) – GROHE 
Grohe sink faucet, 5-year warranty.
TV 107 cm (42“)
Washing machine
Set of plates, cutlery, set of metal pots, salad bowl, glasses, everything for 6 people


Shower cabin 
WALK IN, ceramic tile wall covering, chrome mesh soap basket
Decorative wall panel
Decorative plate 3 mm
Bathroom fittings 
shower faucet, shower rose
Bathroom fittings – GROHE 
shower faucet, shower rose
Shower door 
Glass shower sliding door, hidden guides
Sinks and lower bathroom element 
Lower element 820x820x415 mm, built-in ceramic square sink, with plastic siphon fi 32 mm. Towel holder
Mirror and wall cabinet
Element 200 x 1050 x 180 mm. with three shelves 18 mm. Socket with cover and light switch above the mirror. Dim. 645 × 1200 × 4 mm
Toilet paper holder, hangers, towel holder
Toilet paper holder, towel holder with two bars, towel holder next to the sink, hanger two pcs. and toilet brush, stainless steel.
Hanging ceramic shell, toilet seat and built-in cistern with double button with water saving option
Bathroom fittings
Sink faucet, 5-year warranty
Bathroom fittings – GROHE
Sink faucet, 5-year warranty.
Cabinet for storing equipment and cleaning products
The storage cupboard is on the inside of the boiler room and the push door is behind the kitchen table


Air conditioning installations
The main supply between the outdoor and indoor units is located in the vertical energy channel, which runs along the door jamb.
Electric water heater with outside access
Facade electric water heater. The boiler room is closed with a PVC door with a cylinder lock and key.
sockets in the entire house
Installation for TV in the living room
AV socket for TV, UTP cable and four electric sockets, there is a channel for additional wiring.
Installation of TV on the terrace
AV socket for TV, UTP cable and four electric sockets, there is a channel for additional wiring


Air conditioner
Air conditioner 3.5 kW, one external and one internal unit
Front door keys
Three keys per cylinder and a master key.
Air conditioner sensors
Sensors are located on all entrance doors and turn off the air conditioner when the door is open.
Electro installation box
All installations and distribution cabinets with automatic fuses and FID switches are located in the energy channel above the entrance door.


Delivery to the location
Installation on-site
Connection to electricity, water and drainage


Complete mobile home and guest insurance



Underfloor heating
Rooms and living room
ceramic tiles
Living room
wall covering Iveral 18 mm
ceramic tiles on the walls
floor covering – Siberian larch
floor covering – WPC decking


Massage shower
Shower panel made of white aluminum, consisting of a shower mixer, switch, shower rose, shower handset, massage nozzle and shower hose. Aluminum shower panel; White color; RAIN shower; Chrome flexible shower hose; ABS chrome shower head ECO-TECH, EASY-CLEAN massage jets; MULTI switcher. One-handed mixer.
Wooden lounge chair
A sun lounger with a striking design and top quality. Made of carefully selected, clean and dry wood, with protection against the effects of water and UV radiation.
Number of sitting / lying places: 4
Dimensions: 210x185x90 ​​(height) cm
Blower nozzles (air blowers) – 10 options
Hydromassage jets: 20
Lighting: multicolored
Hanging bed
A free-standing hanging bed suspended on ropes with a metal structure.
Mattress 140×200 cm, thickness 240 mm
Club table with corner furniture for the terrace
Solar panel system with battery
SMART HOUSE management system
● Smart home system – Basic package
 o Lighting management
 o Air conditioning management
 o WI-Fi – coverage of the house and terrace
 o Management of electric boiler and jacuzzi functions)
 o Blinds management (built-in blinds option)
 o Silent alarm – switching on and off remotely
Surveillance – video surveillance, 2 cameras, remote access to cameras
Sound system – 6 speakers, living room, rooms, bathrooms, terrace, sound control in each separate room
Access control – remote access code assignment, tablet for home and guest control
Weather station – automatic protection of the house in various weather conditions, local display of the current weather situation
Floor heating – control of floor heating in each room separately (floor heating installation option)
Glass covered  terrace
Winter Garden
Doubleside space heaters
Blinds and mosquito nets
Blinds on the glazed door on the terrace
Movable roller mosquito nets included
Fixed mosquito nets on the bathroom and kitchen windows
Air conditioner
Additional two units in the rooms
Ice machine
Device production cap. of min 12 kg/day
Wine cooler
Capacity min. 6 bottles
Mobile charcoal/gas grill